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Seven Canadian Screen Awards Nominations for Avocado Toast, Season 2

Season two of Border2Border Entertainment's production of Avocado Toast, the series has just been nominated for seven Canadian Screen Awards. The series has received nominations for Best Web Program or Series, Fiction (Producers: Charlie David, Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss); Best Lead Performance, Web Program or Series for both Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss; Best Direction, Web Program or Series for Sam Coyle, and Best Supporting Performance, Web Program or Series for Clare McConnell, Prince Amponsah, and Nelu Handa.

Avocado Toast, the series follows the lives of two millennial best friends, Molly and Elle, who are struggling to find their place in the world as they approach their thirties. The series tackles issues such as career aspirations, relationships, and sexuality in a humorous and relatable way.

The series has received critical acclaim for its authentic portrayal of millennial life and its nuanced approach to complex issues. The performances of Lynch and Voss have been particularly praised, with their chemistry and comedic timing drawing audiences in.

Director Sam Coyle has also been recognized for her work on the series, with her unique visual style and ability to capture the essence of each scene earning her a nomination for Best Direction, Web Program or Series.

Additionally, the supporting performances of Clare McConnell, Prince Amponsah, and Nelu Handa have been noted for adding depth and complexity to the series' already strong ensemble cast.

“Border2Border Entertainment's success with Avocado Toast, the series highlights the growing importance of web series and online content in the Canadian entertainment industry. As the way audiences consume media continues to shift, productions such as Avocado Toast are leading the way in creating high-quality, engaging content for the digital age.” says Charlie David, lead producer of Avocado Toast and owner of Border2Border.

The Canadian Screen Award nominations for Avocado Toast, the series are a testament to the show's talent, creativity, and relevance in today's media landscape. With a strong cast, talented crew, and engaging storytelling, Avocado Toast is a series that has truly made its mark in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Check out Avocado Toast, the series here:


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