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Charlie David
Patrick Ware


Charlie David

Charlie David
Heidi Lynch


  Dating Unlocked  

What if on a first date you were given a key to unlock parts of each other’s lives that might otherwise be kept hidden for months, years, or possibly forever?

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward on a date. We want to highlight our assets while hiding the parts of ourselves that we’re unhappy with, not proud of, or simply would prefer to keep secret.

But what if we had to reveal a more accurate picture of who we really are on our first date? Would it streamline the process of finding true love?

In each episode of Dating Unlocked we follow two people as they meet a potential mate on a first date. Our love birds have been hand-selected by a matchmaker (our host) based on their submitted video dating profiles. Each date will push the daters to unlock a part of their lives in order to shed any glossy veneer and reveal their true selves in the pursuit of fast-tracking love.