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Charlie David

Charlie David
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PolyLove is an investigative documentary that explores non-monogamy and the journey to redefine a relationship. Statistically more young people are now saying 'I don't' or 'I delay' than 'I do'. Brace yourself, because we are going to a place where bravery and honesty are essential. A place where loving someone enough to set them free isn't just a trite metaphor - it's essential to your personal and relationship growth.

Non-monogamy demands radical rethinking of our societal constructs.

It’s not about breaking what’s unbroken. It’s about examining why ‘cheating’ is more socially forgivable than discussing the option of non-monogamy or polyamory with those we love.






I loved this. Being poly myself it was great to be able to watch something that had real people being open and honest about their lives. Polyamory isn't something many people can grasp but the ones in this documentary let us in on how there's more than one way to have a relationship, to love a person or persons. 


This documentary opens the eyes of the viewers and shows that love is love is love.


As a polyamorous person, it's very difficult to find decent representation! I enjoyed the different people involved in the making of this, and that it showed different types of open relationships.

I enjoyed the variety of perspectives introduced in this documentary. I like that it highlighted different ways to be polyamorous and presented vocabulary while still keeping the overall tone informal and with a slice of life feel to it. It was nice to see positive portrayals of poly relationships focusing more on the communication, openness, self-examination and vulnerability required to make a poly relationship work verus sensationalizing the sexual aspects of relationships. Both informative and entertaining. Plus, I adore Dustin's Mom's outlook on unconditional love and accepting her son.

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