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Meet Drag King Flare – Guest Coach Extraordinaire

Who is your drag persona?  How do they highlight or reveal parts of you in bigger and more dramatic ways?

My base/main drag persona is Flare.  The story behind my name says it all: Before coming out, before becoming a King, I was sashaying down the stairs on my way to a party when the love of my life said, “You have too much Flare to be a Clare”.  

Does the idea of drag as therapeutic or being healing resonate with you? Why?

I’ve always thought it was transformative for people.  When I produced The Fabulous Toronto Drag Kings I watched the experience of being in drag change people’s overall confidence, well-being, and identity.  You know how it feels to see yourself in the mirror and think ‘gawd I look amazing’.  Recently, including being on “Drag Heals” and hearing people’s stories, I’ve realized that if we had more/allowed ‘gender play’ into our education and upbringings we’d be a happier society.  Gender play is healthy, fun, and a great way to build confidence.

Drag King Flare has been a special guest coach for the Drag Heals series and Dude for a Day documentary

What did you discover about yourself through the Drag Heals experience?  

That no matter your age, no matter your experience, you will always learn something new: and, bring tissues if you plan to be on Drag Heals.

How can the drag community benefit from being more inclusive?

We still have work to do in order to become more inclusive, which includes learning and acknowledging our history.  We spend quite a bit of energy repeating steps thinking there wasn’t a brick there in the first place.  Ya know.  Drag King history is full of inclusive drag.  It’s never talked about.

How would you describe your make-up and fashion aesthetic in drag?

Realistic character drag, always with a story.

What’s brought you the most joy working with the Drag Heals cast?  

Watching the show/performances live at Buddies.  Magic.

What has surprised you the most?  

How much better season 2 is already!

Drag King Flare has been a special guest coach for the Drag Heals series and Dude for a Day documentary

How has it been collaborating with Tracey Erin Smith to help shape the one-person shows?

Love Tracey.  Learns right along with us.

What do you hope the TV audience gets out of watching Drag Heals?

I hope someone who always wanted to try drag does.  I hope it inspires. Drag is for everyone.  


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