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Meet Supreme of Queerlesque, Drag Heals Season 3 Participant Tristan Ginger

Tristan Ginger has built up a wicked reputation for blending steamy erotica with artistic expression, and is Montréal's Supreme of Queerlesque. A self-identified Gender-Maximalist bringing ALL the drama to feed your soul. You can catch them performing on stages worldwide!. A little bit of ginger is good for your health!

What has been exciting about participating in Drag Heals?

Meeting my other cast mates! Hands down. Everyone has been so kind and bring something unique. It’s inspiring to me!

What’s been the biggest challenge with participating in Drag Heals?

Probably lipsynching. I’m not used to it, I’ve been performing for 13 years now, but am more of a burlesque dancer. So trying draw attention to my mouth for once!

Why do you think a show like Drag Heals is important when it comes to representation in today’s media?

I think it’s an important show because you don’t get a mix of performers like this under the drag umbrella. This show gives a kind of representation that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Plus, it’s not a competition, so it just takes away so much stress. The point is to CREATE!

What conversations from Drag Heals should be had more in today’s world?

We could talk more about gender, and also the misogyny in the drag world. There’s a lot of healing to be had in the drag world at large.

What is the biggest takeaway or transformation you have gotten out of participating in Drag Heals?

That I have a voice and I am in control of my voice. I’m the only one capable of writing and sharing my story with the world.

What was it like working with someone like Tracey Erin Smith, as well as the rest of the cast and crew?

I rarely get much feedback, and don’t take criticism from much people. But it’s like starting a clean slate with this show, and I went in with an open mind to listen to everything Tracey says. I find now I can take a whole new approach to my drag/ burlesque. And I just love the professionalism from the whole crew. Everyone has been so great and I want to give that professionalism/ care right back! And I think so highly of my cast mates. I learned a lot from them too.

Who or what made the biggest impact on you when participating on Drag Heals?

I love Al Val’s comedy. She makes me want to take a more comedic approach to some of what I do. Also, Rose-Ingrid gave me one of my favourite quotes; “Your anger is holy” Made me realize that anger can be a good thing. A powerful tool.

How would you describe your drag, or sense of fashion and artistry in general?

I think my drag is very burlesque, vintage, and I absolutely love details. I live for a monochromatic look. And there is definitely the style of a dangerous woman, a femme fatale. Very inspired by vintage pin-ups, horror, vampires, and Thierry Mugler.

What makes you a unique drag performer?

There is absolutely no else that can do what I do. You’re not going to come to a Tristan Ginger performance to see choreography. But you will absolutely come see my show for stage presence, drama, and to see what kind weird shit I will get up to. I know I can’t do brain surgery. Or even do my taxes properly. But I am absolutely confident that I can give you a good show.

What message should audiences, near and far, take with them after they watch Drag Heals?

I think they should question what is drag? What does drag mean to them? If they want to start drag- do you want to create a whole new persona? Or is this a heightened idealized version of yourself? I also hope that the audience realizes how valuable drag is, and how much it contributes to the arts, and the world at large.


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