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Meet Drag Heals Season 3 Icon Jade Elektra

Jade Elektra is an African-American drag performer, DJ, HIV+ activist, and community builder originally from Tampa, FL. She started doing drag in 1985, and lived in NYC from 1992-2009, and soon after moving to NY started her recording career in 1994. Additionally she is an actor and NY Ballroom Member. She moved to Toronto at end of 2009 to be with husband John Richard Allan. Jade founded POZ-TO & POZ-TO Awards to help the HIV+ Community.

What has been exciting about participating in Drag Heals?

I have always wanted to create a one person show. So, it has been very exciting to go through the process of writing the actual script.

What’s been the biggest challenge with participating in Drag Heals?

Continuing with my regular work while filming. I produce a monthly magazine called POZPLANET, run three Facebook groups for the HIV+ Community and I am still juggling my music career as well.

Why do you think a show like Drag Heals is important when it comes to representation in today’s media?

I think DRAG HEALS is probably the most important representation of drag because it features real stories of real drag queens and not the social media version of drag.

What conversations from Drag Heals should be had more in today’s world?

The conversation that should be had is that there is more than one way to do drag and all drag performers are important to the evolution the art form.

What is the biggest takeaway or transformation you have gotten out of participating in Drag Heals?

For me it's been gaining some true friends who do drag. I have been in Toronto for over a decade and I have never felt like any of the drag community took the time to get to know me.

What was it like working with someone like Tracey Erin Smith, as well as the rest of the cast and crew?

The experience has been amazing. Therapeutic and cathartic are words that come to mind as well. And the crew has been so helpful and respectful.

Who or what made the biggest impact on you when participating on Drag Heals?

I believe meeting Al Val has made the biggest impact on me. Her story and her talent is something that needs to be on TV.

How would you describe your drag, or sense of fashion and artistry in general?

I consider myself "old skool". I try to represent all the queens who took the time to help me create the character I am onstage.

What makes you a unique drag performer?

I am a throwback to classic and glamour drag...I sing live and I have a unique taste in material.

What message should audiences, near and far, take with them after they watch Drag Heals?

There is room for all of us on the stage of life.


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