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Buster Highman Is a King

Buster Highman is the Jamaican Drag King of your dreams! This lova man is looking for a way into your heart. His sweet charm and smooth moves will sweep you off your feet! Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Buster brings his caribbean flavour to the Drag King world!

What has been exciting about participating in Drag Heals?

I was so excited to really get help to expand my skills and also meet other artists that I can learn!

What’s been the biggest challenge with participating in Drag Heals?

My biggest challenge was letting go and being vulnerable on stage plus just trusting the process. I like being in control but when I finally let go I felt so free and open.

Why do you think a show like Drag Heals is important when it comes to representation in today’s media?

I think that we are so use to shows that are competitions. This show is more about the process and how healing it can be to just show who you are.

What conversations from Drag Heals should be had more in today’s world?

We should talk more about people living and thriving with AIDS. Media makes it sound like its a death sentence but the world has advanced and there are so many options now. There needs to be more positive light shed on people with HIV/AIDS and not make it scary to talk about.

What is the biggest takeaway or transformation you have gotten out of participating in Drag Heals?

My biggest takeaway is the profoundness of stillness and how to incorporate it into storytelling.

What was it like working with someone like Tracey Erin Smith, as well as the rest of the cast and crew?

The cast and crew were dream! Tracey really knows what she's doing and really knows how to pull a story out of us! The crew were all super sweet and kind and the cast quickly felt like family!

Who or what made the biggest impact on you when participating on Drag Heals?

My partner was so helpful through this process. She's my number one supporter. I can be very hard headed but she always humbles me with her great constructive criticism. I can be resistant to change but she reminds me that its all for the better!

How would you describe your drag, or sense of fashion and artistry in general?

My Drag is very fun and sensual. Buster is a very Royal and charming King.

What makes you a unique drag performer?

I'm unique in the sense that I like to engage with the audience and give them a laugh.

What message should audiences, near and far, take with them after they watch Drag Heals?

The message they should takeaway is to never stop learning and growing.


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