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Meet Jeffrey Haase (Patrick) of Womb Envy

Champana, c0-creator of Womb Envy, talks with Jeffrey about Ninja Turtles and first dates.

Champagna: What would you consider TMI on the first date? Jeffrey: Too much information on a first date to me is telling someone about your personal family drama. Me personally If you have that much drama within your family I want no part of it! Champagna: How do you know if the date has gone well? Jeffrey: If that date is sealed with a kiss at the end of the date. Champagna: As an actor, how was it getting vulnerable on screen in the ways you had to? Jeffrey: I actually enjoyed being a little vulnerable on set, it helped me to dig deep to get into my character emotionally and mentally. Champagna: What was your favourite moment of filming? Jeffrey: My favourite moment was the argument/dispute Max and I had outside of the church, it got heated and emotional. I felt during that moment it really showed how much Max and Patrick really felt about each other even though they haven’t talked in a couple of months, that frustrating build up came out so powerful during that moment for me.

Champagna: We incorporated a lot of your personal story into the script, was that something you were hesitant to do, tell us more about knowing it will be out there for the masses. Jeffrey: I wasn’t hesitant at all. I was really excited to share my story to the world to bring awareness to visual impairment. I can’t wait to hear peoples feedback about it. Champagna: where can folks find you on social? Jeffrey: Face book at: Jeffrey Haase and IG: @Jeffrey4realhaase Champagna: What’s a surprising fact your cast mates may not know about you? Jeffrey: As a kid I loved watching the Ninja Turtles movies so now as an adult I have bought all of their real weapons. Leonardo: 4 swords Donatello: 1 bow staff Michael Angelo: 3 Nunchucks Rafael: 1 par of SI

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