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Charlie David Spring update

With Spring in the air, I thought it would be a good time to reach out and say hello… again! Here’s the Charlie David Spring 2017 update.

Thanks for stopping by my site and for your interest in my books, TV shows and films. As you may know, I’ve been taking a step back from in front of camera work and doing more directing and producing – which I love.

I'm a Porn Star Gay for Pay by Charlie David

It’s incredible when I’m working on a documentary to find how generous people are to welcome me into their lives and living rooms – even when we’re discussing some pretty heavy and often taboo subjects. We’ve recently released I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay following straight men doing gay porn and Ballsa film about men’s testicular health, masculinity, and gender identity. I hope you’ll check them out.

Rodiney Santiago & Charlie David Spring 2017

Rodiney Santiago & Charlie David – Photography by Photo Studio Miami

On the scripted side I’ve been developing the screenplays for Shadowlands, which are from a book of short stories by the same name that are paranormal and homoerotic. I’m currently putting together my cast and crew to film the first episode in summer 2017. So excited!!

My friend Rodiney Santiago (in photo above) actually inspired one of the scripts in the series, Pygmalion Revisited. We were doing some photo shoots together and his chiselled physique made me think of a statue. Though the updated shooting script isn’t the same story you’ll find in the Shadowlands book, I hope that like me you’ll find the new version even more compelling.

Popporn TV series poster by Charlie David

I’m often asked what social media I’m on. After some practice and play I’ve discovered I use the following the most, and I invite you to connect with me on these platforms:

I always create content with the LGBTQ and Ally audience in mind but we still try and distribute it as widely as possible on places like Vimeo, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and the Border2Border online store.

It’s super duper helpful when you rate and review my books and shows. So please, don’t be shy – share your thoughts and tell your friends about the ones that got you thinking.

My goal with each project is to create a conversation. It’s not to tell you what to think, it’s to introduce a topic I find compelling and hope you’ll find something worthy of new thought and discourse as well.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll spend some time exploring the shows in the Charlie David Spring 2017 update. I appreciate you being part of my creative journey.

All the best,

Charlie David


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