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I’m a storyteller, but I’ve been called worse names. The mediums for my stories are MM books, audiobooks, webseries, documentaries and films. I started writing gay fiction before the genre gathered enough steam to have a new name applied to it – MM fiction, M/M romance, M/M/M books, M/M books, M/M literature, etc. 

What are MM books?  Are they books that are mmmmm, delicious? 

Well in a way, yes.  MM books are stories where there are two male protagonists involved in a relationship.  It’s most often romance but not always.  My books fit in this category but not perfectly.  In MM books, there is most often a happy ending.  In my MM books, life is not always tied up in a perfect bow. 


As you can tell from my website I’m drawn to share stories about the gay experience in life – whether that story is created for television, a theatre, written as a book or listened to in audio form.   Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of places in the media to look for accurate reflections of myself.  As a young gay man, I didn’t see people like me on television, in the movies, in magazines or in books.  Whenever a gay story line or character did appear I would devour it and search it for every trace of meaning and identity it could offer me. 


Of course, that is all changing in many countries around the world, thanks to the internet.  And because of the numerous writers, filmmakers, performers and an audience who also desired to see a more accurate reflection of society.  One that was inclusive of LGBTQ people and told their stories as well.


I invite you to read my books and to review and rate them on whatever platform you purchase.  It’s extremely helpful when you rate, review and share my TV shows, films and books – thank you!


MULLIGANS is now released and you may order your copies at your favorite neighborhood or online retailer.  Here are some options:

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Dreamspinner Press  (You’ll often find the best deal straight from my publisher!)


MM books - Mulligans by Charlie David MM books - Boy Midflight by Charlie David MM books - Shadowlands by Charlie David



Working with authors, agents and publishing houses directly to bring their books to life as audiobooks has been a real joy for me.  I’ve always loved reading and now having the opportunity to produce audiobooks is such a dream job.   I used to watch my father go to work everyday in a suit and tie.  As a child, I never would have guessed that my career would allow me to work from a home studio in my underwear if I choose.


If you’d like to discuss hiring me for your audiobook production please hit that contact button above!   You may read my reviews on Audible to see how listeners appreciate our productions. 









MM book cover for Forget Me Not by Brooke Blaine.
Forget Me Not by Brooke Blaine.