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Why Make a Web Series?

What is a web series? And why make them? WebSeries Canada invited 35 Canadian and international decision-makers from the world of web series – or short form series - to a one-day Summit to try to establish a profile for web series within the media ecosystem.

A Deep Dive Into the Wonderful World of Web Series reports on the discussions noting the challenges and some solutions.

These industry influencers agreed that web series (or short form series with episodes of under 20 minutes running time) provide opportunity, experience, on-the-job training and access to audiences for new voices. It is a storytelling medium that is not supported by traditional broadcasting. Used as “proof-of-concepts”, web series creators may leverage their short stories into potential bigger budget broadcast or film projects. Although the producers and creators of web series aim for wide international audiences, distribution to date has shown that generating significant revenues is the exception and rarely a goal.

Representatives from Canada and the US, Australia and Brazil, Germany and South Korea, urged emerging creators to get the business and audience development training that they need to enhance their skills and reach their audiences. They encouraged broadcasters and streamers to consider short form series as “fillers” or as curated packages or as themed content or as anthologies to be “executive produced” by trusted producers. They emphasized the diverse voices and perspectives that can be encouraged through web series.

All agreed that web festivals serve an important role for the production community and a new International Association of Web Series Festivals has been established to encourage more strategies for international success and promotion to audiences around the world. It was noted that Canada clearly stands out as a leader in the production of short form series; as one international delegate stated: “Canada has a lot of funding and a lot of potential. It is today the capital of web series on the planet.”

To see the full Report, CLICK HERE.

For further information, contact: Leah Rifkin - President, WebSeries Canada


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