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Webseries World Cup Wins: Border2Border Entertainment's "Drag Heals" and "Womb Envy" Soar to Top Ranks

In the competitive landscape of web series production, Border2Border Entertainment has clinched notable recognition at the 2023 Webseries World Cup with two of its flagship series. The global event, featuring 18 festivals and 590 registered titles, provided a platform for Border2Border Entertainment's productions to distinguish themselves among a diverse array of contenders.

Drag Heals (season 3), a production challenging stereotypes within the drag community, secured a commendable #9 spot in the rankings of the most awarded series. The series' success at the Webseries World Cup underscores its unique blend of authenticity and storytelling, resonating with audiences and critics alike. The accolade reflects Border2Border Entertainment's commitment to pushing the boundaries of representation in digital storytelling.

Following closely behind is Womb Envy, the first scripted series in Canada to be produced with Integrated Described Video (IDV) for shared first window broadcasters OUTtv and AMI.  Womb Envy earned a #17 ranking in the global standings of most-awarded series. The show's innovative narrative approach to be fully inclusive for the blind and partially-sighted audience contributed to its recognition at the international level.

Border2Border Entertainment's achievements at the Webseries World Cup highlight the company's standing as a key player in the entertainment industry. Their dedication to producing globally resonant content, transcending cultural barriers, positions them as a significant contributor to the evolving landscape of web series.

As the industry looks ahead, Border2Border Entertainment's commitment to excellence and innovation sets the stage for future groundbreaking content like Dating Unlocked season 2 premiering Valentine’s Day 2024, Drag Heals season 4 (in post-production) and the new scripted comedy Well Versed. The recognition garnered at the Webseries World Cup serves as a testament to their impact on the digital entertainment scene, emphasizing the company's role as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of web series production.

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