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Drag Queens teach the art of Tucking

Tucking is the art of making your testicles “miraculously” disappear. But just how does a drag queen make that happen? Where do they go?

Drag queens and butch lesbians were at the forefront of the gay liberation movement at Stonewall. Their queer visibility made them conscripted soldiers for a movement in which the majority of its citizenry were invisible/voiceless gay men and women who were mostly in the closet. Who would have thought that sissies and bull dykes would come to our community’s rescue? Our militant forefathers and foremothers had serious balls. And quite frankly, it’s the visible and vocal queers of today that continue to challenge gender, sexuality and sex as our modern day queer warriors.

And that’s exactly what drag artist Barbie Jo Bontemps says in our documentary Balls, ”It takes a lot of balls to be a drag queen!” In the bigger picture, she is certainly echoing our queer herstory, but at that very moment she is specifically referring to the physical, testicular pains that drag queens must undergo to realize their gender illusion. Tucking your balls is common practice for many a modern drag artist. Whether you are using tight underwear, a gaffe (pulling all your junk back with a sock) or duck tape for tucking, the end result is the same; your testicles “miraculously” disappear.

ucking BarbieJoBontemps
Tucking 1
Tucking Donnarama


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