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SETTLE DOWN Series Begins Production in Toronto, Set to Capture the Heart of Queer Dating Dynamics

Toronto, ON – April 12, 2024 – Border2Border Entertainment is thrilled to announce that production for the SETTLE DOWN series is officially underway, with cameras set to roll on Tuesday, April 23rd in Toronto. Created by screenwriter and actor Alexander Nunez and directed by Sam Coyle, SETTLE DOWN promises to deliver a fresh, authentic portrayal of queer relationships and the complexities of love in today’s world. The series is produced by Charlie David of Border2Border Entertainment.


SETTLE DOWN follows the life of Mason, a charismatic and insightful matchmaker with an unmatched success rate in pairing queer individuals. As the host of the popular podcast "Well Versed," Mason offers sage advice on sex, dating, and relationships to his avid listeners. Yet, despite his proficiency in guiding others to find love, Mason's own romantic life remains a chaotic mess. Juggling a tumultuous history with an ex-fiancé, challenging client cases, and an innate tendency to meddle in the love lives of his friends, Mason finds himself at a crossroads. Can he overcome his personal obstacles and salvage his budding empire of love before it's too late?

The cast includes Alexander Nunez as Mason (Moonshine, Avocado Toast), Leighton Alexander as Jarod (Avocado Toast, Designing Christmas), Izad Etemadi as Ben (Orphan Black: Echoes, Overlord and the Underwoods), Tymika Tafari as Georgia (Slip, Chateau Laurier), Nadine Bhabha as Devon (One More Time, Letterkenny), and Angela Besharah as Dr. Zematis (Orphan Black: Echoes, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds).

Joining the ensemble cast are Vasilios Filippakis, Colton Royce, Joshua Obra, Josette Jorge, Charlotte Cattell, Thomas Gough, Liam Melady, Clare McConnell, Matt Wells, Marco DeLuca, and Scott Farley. With their diverse talents and unique perspectives, this ensemble promises to bring depth and authenticity to the vibrant world of SETTLE DOWN.

With series casting by Jesse Griffiths Casting, SETTLE DOWN is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the landscape of queer representation on screen.

SETTLE DOWN is set to premiere exclusively on on Valentine’s Day, 2025, made possible by the generous support of the Independent Production Fund, Bell Fund, and Ontario Creates.

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Join us as we embark on a journey of love, laughter, and self-discovery with SETTLE DOWN.


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