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Swipe, Paint, Love: Jamal's Journey from Dating Apps to Unique Dates on Dating Unlocked

We sat down with Jamal to get insight into this beautiful soul and his responses reminded us of just how great he is.

Have dating apps made forming connections easier or worse?

Dating apps have their pro’s and con’s; while they have made it easier to meet new people who you might not come in contact with otherwise, they have definitely made it harder to form connections. We live in an era where everything is fast-paced and easily accessible, and because of that, forming connections on an app can sometimes seem impossible. When dating apps first started, people would take their time having conversations with others and getting to know the person they were speaking to. But could this be because we were still fascinated by the new digital way? I remember as a kid, I would spend hours in chat rooms talking with strangers, playing online games, etc. Now, it’s the same questions over and over with no intention or understanding of how to get to know someone beneath the surface, “Hey, looking for?" or “Hey, you’re cute." We have lost our ability to communicate and form genuine connections with people, and I believe this is because of the digitalized era that we live in, not necessarily because of dating apps in particular.

If you could choose one superpower to have on a first date, what would it be, and how would you use it?

If I had a superpower to use on a first date, it would be time travel. I would have the ability to teleport into the future and see whether this individual held any significance. The issue is that I would be too tempted to use this power prior to arriving at the date!

If you were to create a perfect date that doesn't involve a traditional dinner or a movie, what would it look like?

The perfect date for me would be something laidback and exciting, something that forced you out of your comfort zone and didn’t require, or stripped you of, excessive refinement. Paintballing would be fun because it allows you to have fun and see the competitive side of your date. Also, relaxing and getting to know each other after releasing all the pre-date adrenaline can be quite magical.

What are three red flags on a date?

  • Not knowing yourself or what you are looking for.

  • Pretentiousness

  • Having no desires beyond sex.

In what ways has participating in Dating Unlocked changed or influenced your perspective on love and relationships?

Being on Dating Unlocked has reminded me to keep an open mind; prior to being on the show, I believed I had it all figured out—personality traits and physical attributes that I’m attracted to, etc. While I’m still confident in my preferences, the show has reminded me that other connections can be formed. If you’re not compatible romantically, platonic connections have equal value, and at the very least, a fun experience is worth celebrating.

How would you describe your dating style and approach to forming connections with others?

My dating style is quite traditional but very low maintenance. I don’t enjoy doing lavish activities at first or all the time because I feel authenticity is lost when you are in grand environments. For me, spending quality time in an environment that allows you to decompress, relax, and enjoy each other's company is the best way to get to know someone. From there, its about digging deep intellectually and sharing memorable experiences.

What motivated you to join Dating Unlocked, and what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

I joined the show for the thrill of doing something I never could have imagined and to potentially meet someone new. The idea of going on dates with individuals who I didn’t select was intriguing. Was I hoping to gain anything from the experience? No, but I was open to anything as long as it was positive!

Can you share a memorable or unique dating experience from your time on the show?

Being in the phone booth was quite a unique experience for me. In theory, it could have been a very sexy encounter, but not so much. It was hot and nerve wrecking because you are so close to this stranger with limited time to truly dive in and test chemistry—the list goes on.

How important is physical attraction in forming a connection, and how do you balance it with other factors when making decisions about potential partners?

Physical connection is very important; not only is it the first thing that sparks your interest, but it also plays a vital role in keeping the flame burning. With that being said, it is only one piece of the puzzle. When you and your partner connect through mind and body, your relationship will have the power to be untouchable.

When it comes to making decisions about potential partners, I like to remind myself that physical attraction doesn’t equal compatibility. If you can’t stimulate my mind, our relationship shows no longevity. Once you’ve captured my interest physically, it's about connecting with me mentally. Once we have both, it's about maintaining what we have.

What are three green flags on a date?

  • Shows interest in your life/getting to know you.

  • Knows how to maintain a conversation.

  • Is confident, respectful, and not pretentious.


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