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Love Triangle

He hurt you, then he hurt me and somehow we found each other.

No love lost between us for over a year and suddenly it’s staring us in the face.

Funny part is I wanted to hate you, needed to. And we know it’s not right or in your words ‘not kosher’ but we can’t help but fall deeper into each other.

It’s fresh for both of us. I can’t help wonder if the fragrance is floral or manure.

It’s fresh either way and intoxicates us both.

We can’t help but talk about him. The one who hurt us. The one we loved. Because we both still love him.

So what draws us together will likely pull us apart. We think its cute and kitsch now.

A love triangle constructed in a geometry class in Degrassi Junior High. But we all know where those go… triangles that is, and junior high dalliances.

Someone will be crying at the prom. I hope it’s not me… but I definitely don’t want it to be you. I’ve seen past the hate and come to treasure you too much. Him?

No. I could never want him to suffer as much as he’s manipulated us both.

Me then.

The two of you were miserably in love and I should have left it at that. My third wheel has only made for a lopsided tricycle.

Interesting but not functional.

Have we learned anything?

I hope so. We can’t see ourselves in running water. You words again – you’re always clever with metaphor. We have to wait and watch while the water is still…

And so we wait.

And watch.

And love each other and the moments as much as we can in the meantime.

- Charlie David


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