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Dating Unlocked is our big gay Valentine to the world

This Valentine’s Day, Border2Border Entertainment announces its exciting new reality series, Dating Unlocked, following daters in the LGBTQ2S+ community as they compete for the chance of true love.

Toronto, ON – January 13, 2022

Border2Border Entertainment presents its brand-new reality series Dating Unlocked following daters in the LGBTQ2S+ community as they compete for the chance of true love. The show will make its worldwide premiere on February 11, 2022, on OUTtv streaming platforms and Vimeo.

In Dating Unlocked, hopeful romantics from the LGBTQ2S+ community move beyond curated social media and dating profiles to find love in real life, and potentially share the key to their hearts. From the traditional to more radical, there are daters from all walks of life who share the same goal - to find a hook-up, a date or their one and only.

In each episode, the lead dater selects someone they’d like to continue the romance with – by choosing between three prospective dates. To assist these love seekers in creating a connection with the lead dater, each episode involves games, activities and intimate moments tailored to showcase their personalities and interests. After weighing their options, the lead dater extends a secret invite for a second date. Will the chosen person unlock those fuzzy, flirty feelings and show up or leave them alone behind the door? There is only one way to find out!

“Dating Unlocked is a reality series featuring LGBTQ people, who despite the evergreen popularity of the dating format, are often excluded from or tokenized in the storytelling, reinforcing old ideas that queer people are not deserving of love or relationships – traditional or otherwise.” said creator and producer Charlie David.

“Changing that story is really important to me and my partner, Patrick Ware and on a road trip from Toronto to Montreal we developed the concept for the show. In February, we’re all surrounded by heteronormative imagery of love. For a very long time, Patrick and I didn’t always feel comfortable holding hands walking down the street, booking a couples’ spa day, or requesting one bed and not two when checking into a hotel."

"Even living in a progressive country like Canada, gay marriage only became legal in 2005 when I was 25 years old, so there’s all those formative years prior feeling like an unequal member of our society. We want to make sure Valentine’s Day and the whole month of February is a time for LGBTQ lovers too and Dating Unlocked shows that love, dating and relationships are for everyone in society – including those that don’t fall into the majority. We have an incredible cast and crew working on this show and our goal is to engage the hearts and minds of our audience by amplifying the stories of those who have previously felt unseen or alone. Dating Unlocked is our big gay Valentine to the world.”

Dating Unlocked is created and produced by Charlie David and Patrick Ware, directed by Sam Coyle (AVOCADO TOAST THE SERIES, HAZY LITTLE THING), and hosted by Yaz Harris.

About Border2Border Entertainment

Border2Border Entertainment produces and promotes award-winning, critically acclaimed film, television and digital projects for the LGBTQ+ audience. Dedicated to making each production experience enjoyable for our artists, business and broadcast partners, co-workers, and ultimately our audience. Our ongoing relationships with TV networks, film festivals and digital platforms keep our content in demand making our home-grown Canadian content watched by millions around the globe.

About OUTtv

OUTtv is the world’s first LGBTQ+ television and streaming service. Home to a compelling mix of inclusive, queer-focused series, movies and short form content that spans comedy, drama, documentary and unscripted, OUTtv is dedicated to telling stories by and for the community and is the world’s leading provider of queer content. OUTtv Originals include Call Me Mother, Boy Boy Montréal, Hot Haus, Metro Sexual, The Villbergs Chronicles: Sweden Edition, Cam Boy, Drag Heals, Shine True, My Trans Journey and the documentary strand OutSpoken.

OUTtv’s linear channel is available on all major cable systems in Canada. is OUTtv’s streaming platform where subscribers can watch their favorite series, movies and documentaries and discover new content exclusive to the service. is available for iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku and on web browsers in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. OUTtv is also available in Canada and the USA as an Apple TV Channel and as a Prime Video Channel in Canada and Australia.

OUTtv is owned by OMG (OUTtv Media Group), the world’s largest producer and aggregator of original LGBTQ+ television content. OMG serves multiple territories including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. OMG additionally serves the United States in partnership with Producer Entertainment Group. Ventures include OUTtv Canada, the world’s first LGBTQ+ television channel, streaming services and and AVOD partnerships with TVNZ, Fuse and Tubi.

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