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Brent Ray Fraser – the Penis Painter

Brent Ray Fraser is an artist first and foremost. Halfway through our Skype interview for the Balls documentary, he proudly boasts that he has been playing with his balls the whole time, and affectionately refers to his testicles as “Tweedledum and Tweedledee”.

He is essentially a little kid who lives in a Silo (aka his “grown up” tree fort) in the middle of no-where British Columbia. Brent Ray Fraser is inquisitive, engaged and alert. He likes being naked as much and possible and, quite frankly I don’t blame him; he is easy on the eyes. He is a handsome mama’s boy with an infectious smile and demeanor. All that, and packaged in a chiseled Greek God’s body to boot!

Brent Ray Fraser

Brent Ray Fraser at home in the Silo

Like I said, easy on the eyes. Brent Ray Fraser takes his health and physicality very seriously. About 12 years ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease. The thought of dying really pushed him to live a healthier life and to pursue his art full time. He views his body is a living, malleable and sacred sculpture to be used (not abused) to feed his art until his dying breath.

Brent Ray Fraser creates his art thought painting, performance, video and sculpture. He is a talented renaissance man. His approach to art is very erotic, but it’s art first, not pornography. When questioned about his sexuality, he is not interested in sexual relationships with people anymore; he only has sex with his art. He is determinedly married to his art and if he could he would legally and happily make that relationship binding in the eyes of the law. He has even coined his own word to describe his sexuality; he is “Artsexual”. For the time being, I guess he will have to remain single.

Brent Ray Fraser creates a 'nutsack' painting

Brent Ray Fraser creates a ‘nutsack’ painting

Brent Ray Fraser getting intimate with his art

Brent Ray Fraser getting intimate with his art

Brent Ray Fraser creating his nutsack paintings

Brent Ray Fraser creating his nutsack paintings

Brent Ray Fraser uses his entire body to create his artwork. He is especially inspired to create pieces with his penis and balls. Yes, that’s right, he paints with his balls. This may sound unusual, but his “nut-sack” paintings hold a particular sense of pride in his mind. Essentially, Brent Ray Fraser applies paint to his scrotum with a brush and then presses his scrotal sack onto a canvas. The effect is quite lovely, textural and unusual. To Brent Ray Fraser, these nut-sack paintings are very personal and refer to them as “self-portraits that are having a conversation with art history”.

Get up close and personal with Brent Ray Fraser in our documentaries, Balls and I’m a Stripper: Digital Dancer.


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