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Border2Border Entertainment’s highly acclaimed reality dating series DATING UNLOCKED set to return with a sizzling second season igniting passion, love and true connections in the 2SLGBTQ+ community

Season two of DATING UNLOCKED will make its premiere on February 14th, 2024, on OUTtv, Apple TV+ and Prime Video

Toronto, ON – January 25, 2024

Love takes centre stage once again as the highly anticipated second season of the ground breaking and award-winning reality series, DATING UNLOCKED is set to premiere on February 14th, 2024, inviting viewers to follow daters in the LGBTQ2S+ community as they compete for the chance of true love. The show will be available to stream on OUTtv, Apple TV+ and Prime Video.

Following the success of its debut season, DATING UNLOCKED returns to delve deeper into the lives of hopeful romantics as they embark on a quest for genuine connections and true love. Departing from the confines of curated social media pages and online dating profiles, this season promises an authentic portrayal of individuals seeking meaningful relationships beyond the screen. From the traditional to more radical, there are daters from all walks of life, highlighting one of the many shades of love and interests on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. In the end, they all share the same goal - to find a hook-up, a date or their one and only.

In each episode, the lead dater selects someone they’d like to continue the romance with – by choosing between three prospective dates. To assist these love seekers in creating a connection with the lead dater, each episode involves games, activities and intimate moments tailored to showcase their personalities and interests. After weighing their options, the lead dater extends a secret invite for a second date. Will the chosen person unlock those fuzzy, flirty feelings and show up or leave them alone behind the door?

“Dating Unlocked is a reality series featuring LGBTQ2S+ people, who despite the evergreen popularity of the dating format, are often excluded from or tokenized in the storytelling, reinforcing old ideas that queer people are not deserving of love or relationships – traditional or otherwise.” said creator and producer Charlie David. “We want to make sure Valentine’s Day and the whole month of February is a time for LGBTQ lovers too and Dating Unlocked shows that love, dating and relationships are for everyone in society – including those that don’t fall into the majority. We have an incredible cast and crew working on this show and our goal is to engage the hearts and minds of our audience by amplifying the stories of those who have previously felt unseen or alone. Dating Unlocked is our big gay Valentine to the world.”

DATING UNLOCKED is created and produced by Charlie David, directed by Sam Coyle (AVOCADO TOAST THE SERIES, HAZY LITTLE THING), and hosted by Yaz Harris.

About Border2Border EntertainmentBorder2Border Entertainment produces and promotes award-winning, critically acclaimed film, television and digital projects for the LGBTQ+ audience. Dedicated to making each production experience enjoyable for their artists, business and broadcast partners, co-workers, and ultimately their audience. Their ongoing relationships with TV networks, film festivals and digital platforms keep our content in demand making our home-grown Canadian content watched by millions around the globe.

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