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Amy Unlocked: Navigating Modern Love in the Dating Unlocked Era

Meet Amy, a standout personality from "Dating Unlocked," as they open up about the modern challenges and joys of finding love.

A woman with pink hair lounges seductively in a boudoir style photo

Have dating apps made forming connections easier or worse?

I think they have made things easier in the sense of accessibility, and as a demisexual, I think I find people more attractive after reading a likable bio or shared interest list than if I were to bump into them at a coffee shop.

If you were to create a perfect date that doesn't involve a traditional dinner or a movie, what would it look like?

A perfect date for me that doesn’t involve dinner or a movie would be something hands on and creative, like a pottery class! Maybe the second date can be picking up the finished product and painting it at the park. If a second date doesn’t happen, you still have a cute pottery piece to walk away with.

What are three red flags on a date?

Three red flags on a date: Comments poorly on what other people wear, do, look like, ect., Struggling to find something to talk to each other about, and if they are rude to servers or any staff anywhere.

How would you describe your dating style and approach to forming connections with others?

I’ve realized my dating style has changed a lot. I struggled to connect a lot with the folks I had the opportunity to date on the show. I think I realized how much physical contact and sexuality are tied into a deeper human connection that I need, either through some shared vulnerability or communication. I think that my dating style is different from my sexuality. This need for human connection is not necessarily tied to time spent knowing a person(s), but to how we get to know each other. I think it also gave me a lot to think about in terms of what blind dating with a visible disability felt like and what that meant for how I navigate future relationships.

How important is physical attraction in forming a connection, and how do you balance it with other factors when making decisions about potential partners?

For me, my physical attraction to someone is very much tied to who they are as a person. For example, after watching someone do something they love, like play an instrument, or when they share what their childhood was like to me, knowing not everyone gets to hear that story, Someone's ability to share vulnerability, empathy, kindness, and artistic drive; someone who can be silly with me; someone who can make me feel safe. It all matters eons more to me than their physical appearance. All those things are what make up attraction to me. Perhaps that is why ‘blind dating’, I have realized, isn’t really for me. I’m not closed off to it, but being able to do an activity perhaps where we are able to dive into that further.


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