Popporn – comedians roast gay porn

Popporn is a comedic series where comedians roast gay porn scenes. What’s weird, what’s strange, what’s hilarious, what’s gross, what’s surprising, what’s enticing? Nothing will escape their comedic wrath!

The idea for Popporn came to us while… well, it came to us well watching porn.   At some point during the viewing of some mindless entertainment my brain turned on and started to critically assess what I was watching. 

The truth is, that happens a lot.  When you work in film and television it’s hard not to always see the people pulling the levers and gears to make the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz come to life.  So working in this industry is a bit of a double edged sword – it’s hard to turn your brain off and simply enjoy the show.

So back to the story.   There I was, watching but my eyes kept wandering away from the dudes on screen to notice all the details.  The lighting.  The costumes.  The strange dialogue.  The curious choice of location.  You get the idea. 

What I realized is that porn is inherently pretty funny.  I mean so long as the participants are there of their own volition and there’s nothing afoul going on – it’s kind of a ridiculous thing.

‘What if we had comedians give color commentary on porn?’ I thought to myself and then set about putting together the development for the show. 

This series had a bunch of unique challenges – from legally sourcing the scenes, to finding comedians who would understand the tone of humor we wanted and then the mechanics of how we’d actually film it.

Would the comedians watch it live and comment?

Would we use a teleprompter and have them speak directly to camera?

In the end we did a lot of learning on the fly and our talent were super good sports and so fun to work with.  We filmed in a green screen studio so we could easily cut and paste our talent  into different scenarios.  We filmed the studio portion of 6 episodes in a week and honestly though it was hard work – we all laughed so much, cast and crew alike.

The real heavy lifting for this show was in the edit and post production.  While we filmed in studio for a week, we edited for 3 months and then motion graphics, sound design and final delivery took another couple months. 

It’s been a pretty hilarious process over all.  I had a new shadow/assistant, Cody working with me during this time and he was awesome, although I’m not sure he anticipated having to watch quite so much gay porn for work!

We’ve completed an initial six half-hour episodes which are now available on Vimeo, YouTube and Amazon globally.  We’ll also be launching with some international partners like OutTV Canada and Outfilm in Poland soon.

As always, I love when you watch the shows I create and then join the conversation by rating and reviewing them.  Your ratings and reviews really help in making the shows more searchable so I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

Below you’ll find a little overview of each episode of Popporn and a trailer.   Hope you get a laugh and enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating these.

Popporn Episode 1 Cockbusters: The comedians of Popporn roast film parodies including Superman vs. Batman, Tarzan, Her, Star Wars, and X-Men.

Popporn Episode 2 Daddy Issues: The comedians of Popporn roast gay porn scenes with family drama. Get ready for a family feud!

 Popporn Episode 3 Fantasy: The comedians of Popporn roast gay porn scenes involving fantasy. From Game of Thrones to the royal family, no one escapes their comedy.

Popporn Episode 4 Money Talks: The comedians of Popporn roast gay porn scenes involving broke dudes trying to make a quick buck. There’s more than one way to make it rain.

Popporn Episode 5 Straight2Gay: The comedians of Popporn roast gay porn scenes involving straight guys trying gay action for their very first time.

Popporn Episode 6 Hard Criminals: The comedians of Popporn roast gay porn scenes with shady characters who walk on the wrong side of the law.

Popporn stars Andrew Cheng, Conchita, Dwayne Wilson, Erin Burley, Lucy the Slut from Avenue Q, Rebecca Friesen, Ted Morris,  and Tommy Marshall.

Producers on the series are Charlie David, Nico Stagias and Christian Boushey.  Popporn is directed and developed by Charlie David. 

The series is produced by Border2Border Entertainment.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2017.  

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