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Hospital, Doctor office, Nurse Station, 1950s home sets in Toronto for TV, Film, Webseries

Turn Key Building With Existing Sets And Rooms For All Departments

See the profile, more photos, pricing and calendar to book in with your production.

Building has 15 rooms with some existing sets (described below) and rooms for all your departments for small to medium Film, TV series, Digital Media, Music Video, photoshoots and other productions.

This 4000 square foot building consists of 15 individual rooms on 2 floors (plus basement).

2 kitchens (1 on each floor) with fridge and microwave.

2 washrooms on main level and 1 washroom on level 2.

Private parking lot for building can hold up to 14 personal cars or a couple cube trucks and personal cars. We've also previously arranged spill over parking with a church within a half block walk of the building available on daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Overnight storage of gear/sets/supplies is optional for longer bookings (at your own risk) and the building is monitored by a security system with motion detectors and 24hour security call centre surveillance.

We've used this location for TV series, webseries, podcast recording and photoshoots. It is surprisingly quiet (audio recording not an issue) and is within walking distance to amenities like Starbucks, Shoppers Drug Mart and several restaurants who have catered our lunches.

We have had cast and crews up to 40 people comfortably using the building and with so many rooms - each department can have an area to call home for their gear and supplies.

For longer bookings, we are open to your production team painting/wallpapering/etc to make the set of your dreams for your show/photoshoot/music video, etc.

Existing sets include:

1) a 1950s home set with kitchen, living and dining area including vintage TV, fridge, stove and fish tank.

2) Modern bedroom set with bed

3) Hospital set (furniture/hospital apparatus not included) with hospital room, nursing station, and nursery or operation recovery area

4) Creepy basement with 2 bank vaults

5) Wood-panelled rooms (2) great for a living room, cabin, CEO office or home library set

See the profile, more photos, pricing and calendar to book in with your production.

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