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Making TV worth watching with the Bell Fund. How do we get it made?

How do we get it made? As producers who make shows regularly can attest - constant adaptation, market evaluation and agility are required to survive and thrive in this exciting (and often) confounding business. We do it because it’s hard and because each project is a monumental, multi-year marathon. We do it because we believe what we have to say, show, and share has the power to move hearts and minds.

The overwhelming majority of producers in the Canadian Media Producers Association are small business owners with 1 or 2 full time employees. We know the grind of wearing multiple hats and building a village of teammates for each production, only to raze it within a few short weeks or months of production and start over – again and again. It’s incredibly difficult and inherently risky (especially operating within years of pandemic, rising inflation and insurance safety nets that seem to grow bigger and bigger holes). And yet – the

alchemy of manifesting a unique idea with a team of like-minded creatives is addictive – it’s a rollercoaster and we can’t imagine getting off.

I’m Charlie David, producer and owner of Border2Border Entertainment. We produce award- winning digital, film, and television projects for the 2SLGBTQIA+ audience. Border2Border Entertainment pursues a digital first strategy through the production and distribution of short and long form documentaries, scripted and lifestyle series, audiobooks, and branded video.

I used to be an actor and TV host and worked from someone else’s script. Building my own production company and producing and directing allows me to not worry if my hair is out

of place (usually) and instead, to identify what stories have been historically left out in our

society. Who around our proverbial story-sharing fire has been quietly sitting in darkness

uninvited to speak?

Those are the folks I’m interested to learn from. To shine the light and hand the mic to underrepresented creators and make content for underserved audiences. It’s not always easy (okay, never easy) and there are mistakes made, along

with opportunities for learning and growth but I’m glad I bought a ticket and chose this rollercoaster.

We’re making queer content, we’re making accessible content with shows like Womb Envy, we’re creating challenging conversations that change the dial on cis gendered, non-binary, trans and queer bodies. And most importantly, we’re providing a BIG sand box in which to play and inviting more and more people to join us. We’re

working hard to ensure that at each stage of a production we’re inclusive. We don’t make the kind of stuff that most companies make and I’m proud of that – it sets us apart.

The Bell Fund has ensured we’ve had a solid foundation to experiment, to be daring, and to take some creative risks. For all of that, I’m humbled and grateful to be a recipient. The Bell Fund continues to be a strategic partner and cornerstone for the growth of my business and the creation of our series like Avocado Toast,

This financial and educational support continues to make us a better, stronger competitor in this challenging industry. This rollercoaster can be terrifying, but it’s also too much fun to get off. I’m thankful to have the Bell Fund holding our hand!

Charlie David, producer

Border2Border Entertainment


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