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Getting Jewcy with Charlie David

Border2Border Entertainment president Charlie David was invited on the Getting Jewcy podcast recently and you can watch or listen to the show on YouTube or your favourite podcast platform.

Charlie David is a tried and true Queer Canadian producer and has been part of LGBTQ+ media for over 2 decades. A couple of his well known credits include being a lead role in Dante's Cove and for 10 years was the host of OUTtv's gay travel guide show, 'Bump!'

He is the founder or Border2Border Entertainment in Toronto, Canada and is currently working on multiple productions. His most recent project, Dating Unlocked, debuted this year and a 2nd season is in the works!

Charlie opens up about his earliest days and memories as a child and the key moments that led him to his start in performing arts. This includes his coming out journey and establishing his community of folx that evolved into the career he now flourishes in.

He lives in Toronto with his partner and fur baby, and also opens up about how they met and became the partnership they are today.

There are Jewcy nuggets for all demographics that are sure to leave you inspired to keep pursuing your goals and dreams!

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