GRL – Gay Romance Lit

Henri by Ella Frank, audiobook narration by Charlie David

Next week I’ll be heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico for GRL (the Gay Romance Lit conference) to meet up with authors, publishers and readers of gay romance. What may be surprising for a lot of people (but not those who have attended a Gay Romance Lit event!) is that the majority of gay romance readers, writers and publishers are women. Yup, true fact!

This year in addition to attending GRL as an audiobook narrator and producer, I’ll be bringing a small camera crew to make a documentary episode of the OUTspoken series that I produce for OUTtv Canada. I’m excited and intrigued to find out why so many women (predominantly straight women) are gaga about gay romance books.

As an audiobook narrator, working with authors, agents and publishing houses directly to bring their books to life has been a real joy for me.  I’ve always loved reading and now having the opportunity to produce audiobooks is such a dream job.   I used to watch my father go to work everyday in a suit and tie.  As a child, I never would have guessed that my career would allow me to work from a home studio in my underwear if I choose.

If you’d like to discuss hiring me for your audiobook production please hit that contact button above!   You may read my reviews on Audible to see how listeners appreciate our productions. 

Charlie David is an award-winning professional narrator with over 60 produced titles. AURAL FIXATION 2018 BEST ROMANCE AUDIOBOOK SERIES – The Confessions series by Ella Frank

Charlie David is the Audiobook narrator of the award-winning Confessions series.

Audiobook Narrator Production Rates 

My current rate of $350 USD/per finished hour is posted on my ACX audiobook narrator profiles. This includes an initial consultation with author/publisher usually by way of providing story and character information, production timeline and contracting info. 

Once production begins you’ll receive chapter by chapter proofs, one round of editing based on your time-coded requests and final mastered files with guaranteed approval through ACX Quality Control so your book baby can meet its excited audience on all audio platforms of your choosing. You may read my reviews on Audible to see how listeners appreciate our productions. 

As an audiobook narrator I’m open to books in all genres. I’ve recorded inspirational books, business books, university course support guides, and novels. My sweet spot so far has been romance. If you have a project you’d like to inquire about hiring me for, it’s as simple as making a direct offer to me through my ACX profile or sending an email.

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Percy Katt – Swan Song

Percy Katt dressed as Egyptian against papyrus background.
Percy Katt stands in front of a red and gray ornate wall.
Percy Katt in a still from his video SWAN SONG.

I’d like to introduce you to a friend and creative collaborator, Percy Katt.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Percy since we were both small town kids growing up in Saskatchewan.  As adults both living in Toronto, we reconnected working on my series Im a Stripper and Shadowlands where Percy was costume designer. 

His evolution as an artist since then has been remarkable as you’ll witness in his latest video below.  (NSFW!)

I appreciate the opportunity to share the work of my artist friends with you.  I think you’ll be amazed at the amount of work that went into Swan Song. 

Charlie David

Swan Song is a bookend to the last ten years of my creative life and a tribute to my alter ego Percy Katt. Percy transcends gender and refuses to be pidgeon-holed, this is a celebration of artistic and sexual diversity. It is meant to be jarring, overwhelming, a sensory overload of visuals and information for a generation with increasingly short attention spans. Swan Song features guest appearances and fashion creations by over twenty dynamic Canadian artists, performers and designers. 

Percy Katt’s rise to notoriety began at the age of 17 with a whirlwind haute couture modelling career in the world’s fashion capitals. As exciting as gigs with heavy hitters like Jean Paul Gaultier and Etro were,  Percy was ready to take back ownership of his image and return to Canada to reinvent himself as a chameleonic performance artist.

Some highlights from Katt’s tumultuous career include television appearances on “Shadowlands”, “I’m A Stripper”, “Who Lives Here?” and “Style by Jury”. His art has been featured in magazine spreads including OUT and The Advocate, coffee table books, the solo exhibition “The 9 Lives of Percy Katt” in Sofia, Bulgaria and in burlesque/performance art shows and academic lectures across North America. Percy Katt has been the recipient of several prestigious design awards including GRAPHIS and he has had the honor of sharing the stage with the iconic Dita Von Teese.    

 //  // Instagram @percykattofficial

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