Percy Katt – Swan Song

Percy Katt dressed as Egyptian against papyrus background.
Percy Katt stands in front of a red and gray ornate wall.
Percy Katt in a still from his video SWAN SONG.

I’d like to introduce you to a friend and creative collaborator, Percy Katt.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Percy since we were both small town kids growing up in Saskatchewan.  As adults both living in Toronto, we reconnected working on my series Im a Stripper and Shadowlands where Percy was costume designer. 

His evolution as an artist since then has been remarkable as you’ll witness in his latest video below.  (NSFW!)

I appreciate the opportunity to share the work of my artist friends with you.  I think you’ll be amazed at the amount of work that went into Swan Song. 

Charlie David

Swan Song is a bookend to the last ten years of my creative life and a tribute to my alter ego Percy Katt. Percy transcends gender and refuses to be pidgeon-holed, this is a celebration of artistic and sexual diversity. It is meant to be jarring, overwhelming, a sensory overload of visuals and information for a generation with increasingly short attention spans. Swan Song features guest appearances and fashion creations by over twenty dynamic Canadian artists, performers and designers. 

Percy Katt’s rise to notoriety began at the age of 17 with a whirlwind haute couture modelling career in the world’s fashion capitals. As exciting as gigs with heavy hitters like Jean Paul Gaultier and Etro were,  Percy was ready to take back ownership of his image and return to Canada to reinvent himself as a chameleonic performance artist.

Some highlights from Katt’s tumultuous career include television appearances on “Shadowlands”, “I’m A Stripper”, “Who Lives Here?” and “Style by Jury”. His art has been featured in magazine spreads including OUT and The Advocate, coffee table books, the solo exhibition “The 9 Lives of Percy Katt” in Sofia, Bulgaria and in burlesque/performance art shows and academic lectures across North America. Percy Katt has been the recipient of several prestigious design awards including GRAPHIS and he has had the honor of sharing the stage with the iconic Dita Von Teese.    

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, from our MONSTERS & MEN short film collection has been nominated for TWO Canadian Screen Awards under Digital Media for ‘Best Direction’ by Blake Mawson and ‘Best Lead Performance’ by Alex Ozerov for his wonderful portrayal of Pyotr! 

Congratulations to all the nominees! Canadian Screen Awards#CdnScreenAwards

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Love Triangle

Tricycle broken in the forrest.

He hurt you, then he hurt me and somehow we found each other.

No love lost between us for over a year and suddenly it’s staring us in the face.

Funny part is I wanted to hate you, needed to.  And we know it’s not right or in your words ‘not kosher’ but we can’t help but fall deeper into each other.

It’s fresh for both of us.  I can’t help wonder if the fragrance is floral or manure. 

It’s fresh either way and intoxicates us both.

We can’t help but talk about him.  The one who hurt us.  The one we loved.  Because we both still love him.

So what draws us together will likely pull us apart.  We think its cute and kitsch now.

A love triangle constructed in a geometry class in Degrassi Junior High.  But we all know where those go… triangles that is, and junior high dalliances.

Someone will be crying at the prom.  I hope it’s not me… but I definitely don’t want it to be you.  I’ve seen past the hate and come to treasure you too much. Him?

No. I could never want him to suffer as much as he’s manipulated us both.

Me then.

The two of you were miserably in love and I should have left it at that.  My third wheel has only made for a lopsided tricycle.

Interesting but not functional.

Have we learned anything?

I hope so. We can’t see ourselves in running water. You words again – you’re always clever with metaphor.  We have to wait and watch while the water is still…

And so we wait.

And watch.

And love each other and the moments as much as we can in the meantime. 

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