April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month balls poster

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and to spread the word, we’re sharing our Balls for free on YouTube


WATCH the unblurred, unbleeped, balls out version here.

In the first episode of Balls we get an introduction to testicles and what makes them weird, attractive and curious to different people.  We will also meet men who have had testicular cancer and faced the removal of one or both balls.


Balls is a one hour documentary that covers every angle and topic we could brainstorm to do with testicles.  From sex and sports to health concerns like sperm count, torsion and bringing attention to Testicular Cancer Awareness Month we’ve left no jock-strap unexplored. 


Over the next few weeks during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month we will be releasing a new short video from our Balls documentary every few days.  So watch along with us as we explore all things balls related in this special men’s health series.


Please share with your friends, post on your social and encourage your buddies to check their balls – or lend a helping hand – it could save a life!


Testicular Cancer Awareness month beach balls



And because it’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this is a great opportunity for you to check your own balls!  Do it while watching our documentary, Balls.  


Honestly, we encourage you to pull them out, roll them around, check for any oddities or things you haven’t seen or felt before.  This is important and something you should be doing regularly.  If you do discover new firmness, a lump, or anything strange – book an appointment with your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic to get them checked by a professional right away.  When it comes to Testicular Cancer – early detection really can save your life.


Testicular Examination

Self-examination can save your life. Here’s how to give your balls a regular self-check for suspicious signs:

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month self exam diagram



1. Do your assessment right after a warm bath or shower, when the scrotum is relaxed.


2. Stand before a mirror. Survey for scrotal swelling.


3. Support your testicles with your palm. Note their size and weight. This will help you discern any future changes.


4. Examine each testicle separately. Place your second and third fingers under one testicle with your thumb on top. Gently roll the testicle between your thumb and fingers to feel for any irregularities. Repeat on the other testicle.


5. Find the epididymis, the soft, rope-like structure on the back of each testicle. By identifying the epididymis, you won’t mistake it for a lump.


See your doctor if you note any questionable signs, especially those lasting longer than two weeks.


Read the interview with Balls director, Nico Stagias, in our special April series for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.




Do you have a millionaire mindset?

millionaire mindset - Charlie David

What is a millionaire mindset and how do you become a millionaire?  Same way you eat an elephant, one small bite at a time. If this is one of your goals (It was one of mine since I was a teenager – attaining a millionaire mindset, not the elephant eating!) then it’s time to stop wishing and start making it YOUR reality. Consider this your invitation.

In about 15 minutes you can start investing – smart, super low fee, and put it on autopilot. If you’d prefer a secure financial future to eating cat food out of tins or living in a van down by the river… here’s a simple way to start.
You can begin investing in YOU now starting with just $25/month and watch your money grow. And how about this sweet little bonus, use this link and get your first 10k managed for free – no matter if it takes you a day or years to invest that amount. 

Part of having a millionaire mindset is recognizing a deal.  You need to be a bargain hunter in all aspects of your life.  Buy low, sell high isn’t just for the stock market – it’s for jeans, groceries, 2 for 1 movie tickets, cars, houses – you get the picture. 

So if you’re currently investing in mutual funds with your bank – they are probably charging you 2-3% on your money. Yikes. Those fees eat away at your potential portfolio growth. 
Financial analysts used to say that 6-8% earnings on an investment portfolio was good and would protect you for the future.  Over the past few years things have changed – a lot.
Analysts now state we will be happy to see 4-5% earnings.  So if we’re paying 2-3% in fees that actually leaves us making… 1-2%.  Hmmmm not so great. 
I’m gonna stop talking now and just encourage you – take 15 minutes and get your finances on track. Your future you will be super thankful. Your future you may even take you out for dinner! And it won’t be cat food. Unless that’s your thing. Then you can have all the cat food you want!
millionaire mindset - Charlie David & elephant

Don’t worry, we will not eat each other.  We enjoy our hang time too much.  We have agreed referencing each other for the purpose of illustrating a financial idea like adopting a millionaire mindset is totally cool though.  

Having a millionaire mindset is actually a lot of work – at least at the beginning.  Your road to become a millionaire will involve a lot of planning and a lot of patience.  Unless you win the lottery.  It takes time, effort and diligence – day after day until one day – you arrive.  Then you maintain, keep practicing, keep learning and keep investing. 
Putting at least some of your investing on autopilot with super low fees is a great way to start.  Think of it as a commitment to the well being of future you. 
It’s the first bite out of a big dream.  Are you hungry enough to start? 
** This is not a paid endorsement – I’m not cool enough to be a social influencer or whatever those Instagram models are called.**
This is me concerned for my friends and their future. There’s lots of great ways to invest.  Wealthsimple is just one of the investment vehicles that I use and have had good experiences with so far.  As always – do your research, find a place to save that makes sense for you. Whatever route you go – start now.**

 Find out more about Charlie David





Honey, I’m a male stripper. Straight talk about a taboo job in series ‘I’m a Stripper’

male stripper - I'm a Stripper - Brent Ray Fraser

Hearing the phrase, ‘I’m a male stripper’ may not seem like something you’d hear regularly.   But I live in Montreal, a city that is alive with sexual expression.


I like to make films about sexuality — how we as a society embrace or are repulsed by it, what some see as artistic expression and others view as pornography, and where the seeds for these often very visceral reactions begin.


male stripper - I'M A STRIPPER 4

AMW or America’s Most Wanted is a male stripper troupe of all Black men who tour in the USA & Canada. 


A few years ago I started my hesitant transition from on camera (actor, TV host) to behind the camera (director, producer) and have discovered I love interviewing people and following their lives in documentary. My instincts told me to follow my curiosity and in the case of my miniseries I’m a Stripper — that’s hot dudes who have entered the profession of male stripper. 


Sometimes being dumb-ass dudes, sometimes being surprisingly emotional and always refreshingly honest.


male stripper - I'M A STRIPPER - Jakub STEFANO

Jakub Stefano is a male stripper who makes his money webcam modeling in episode 5 of I’m a Stripper.


I’m a Stripper is entertainment but it also delves into a provocative new era of sexual liberation and expression. Living in a post feminist era we are now bombarded with the male form undressed for pleasure, for provocation, and as a catalyst in advertising and media.


So in a world that’s approaching a semblance of gender equality – what’s it like to be a male stripper?


male stripper - I'M A STRIPPER 4 AMW show

The male stripper costumes at an AMW show are unique but adored by their enthusiastic audiences of women. 


I wanted to explore the questions of:


1) Are we reaching equalization in the exploitation of the sexes?


2) How are young men being conditioned to perceive their own bodies, their constructs of masculinity, and the disintegration of labels around sexuality?


male stripper - I'm a Stripper - GABRIEL Clark

Male stripper Gabriel Clark finds balance engaged to a woman but dating men.


‘Boys will be boys’ as the saying goes and we were invited onto a pleasure island while filming I’m a Stripper. As a young twenty-something living in Vancouver, I witnessed several handsome friends suddenly working in the adult industry — either as strippers or in video. I always wondered how much $ was enough for them to say yes to that world and the lifestyle that went with it.


To what extent will a young person push their body, their will, or their sexual preference in order to grab some quick cash?


The answer of course is not easy and the young (and sometimes not so young) men in the profession of male stripper we worked with presented their own set of motivations — everything from lust for dollars, an addiction to attention, or simply loving to dance!


male stripper - I'M A STRIPPER 5 Brent Ray Fraser
Brent Ray Fraser explains being ‘Artsexual’ in episode 5.


Directing this documentary was such an adventure because I was able to immerse myself outside my comfort zone, grow and be challenged by the experience. There were many times while interviewing when I had to keep my fist planted firmly under my jaw so it wouldn’t fall to the floor.


These guys are shocking, competitive, profane, yet endearing. Like moss — their charm will grow on you as it feeds from you so keep some dollar bills nearby.




I’m a Stripper miniseries is available on all your favorite platforms including…


  Waiting in the Wings on Google Play     Waiting in the Wings 2